Mardi Gras Room
Mardi Gras Room

Mike's Place Mardi Gras Room

The Mardi Gras Room

There is no room charge for parties in which all guests are dining.

The required minimum to reserve this room without an extra charge is 25 people.
The guaranteed minimum is 75% of the number of guests expected, though it may not be less than 25 guests.
The maximum capacity of this room is 36 people.

Charges for parties with less than 25 guests or parties that are not sitting down for a meal
are based on a *minimum spending limit* which is:

  • Sunday - $200
  • Monday - $400
  • Tuesday - $500
  • Wednesday - $500
  • Thursday - $600
  • Friday - $800
  • Saturday - $800

* all items purchased will go towards the minimum spending limit except: gift cards
and un-used bottles of wine.*

Charges for parties who want to extend the length of the reservation are per-hour

  • Sunday - $50
  • Monday - $75
  • Tuesday - $100
  • Wednesday - $100
  • Thursday - $150
  • Friday - $200
  • Saturday - $200

All parties who do not have the guaranteed number of guests in attendance
will be billed for the guaranteed minimum number of guests, based on the price-per-person of their menu.
If it is a full menu, the price per person will be $25.
The reservation and guaranteed minimum number of guests can be changed or cancelled
up to one week prior to the reservation date.

All charges are pre-tax and gratuity

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